Introducing the Nature Based Solutions Institute

Introducing the Nature Based Solutions Institute

In 2020, Johan Östberg and Cecil Konijnendijk founded the Nature Based Solutions Institute (NBSI), resulting from a strong wish to support the greening of cities with the best available knowledge and practice.

Nature-based solutions, ranging from planting a single tree to development of green infrastructure for an entire city or urban region, are needed to tackle the grand challenges human society is facing. They are natural solutions to urban problems.

NBI strives to be an internationally recognized institute for research, development, training, and policy advice within the fields of urban forestry and nature-based solutions. 

When engaging in programs and projects of different scope and scale, NBSI can draw upon a global network of experts in the fields of nature-based solutions, urban forestry, and green infrastructure development.

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Cecil talks about creating greener and more liveable cities

Conference of the Institute of Australian Consulting Arborists, Sydney, February 2020